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Fanhuali business district

Updated: 2019-09-23


Fanhuali business district [Photo provided to WeChat account of Fanhuali]

The Fanhuali business district was put into trial operation in May 2019, and was officially opened in September that same year. Located at the junction of Baiyun district and Guanshanhu district, it is only a 10-minute drive from the Guiyang city government, a 20-minute drive from the Guiyang North Railway Station and a 30-minute drive from Guiyang Old Town. Fanhuali has many tourist resorts, among which the Quanhu Park is most scenic, while its Xiputuo Temple has many cultural resources. The core areas of the Baiyun district and the Guanshanhu district are only three kilometers away. 

Fanhuali is centered on "fashion, culture, theme, scene", with a retail emphasis on designer and sports fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, footwear, men's and women's clothing, quality catering, western-style fast food and coffee drinks. Its supporting facilities include a hotel, KTV, a sports experience hall, an e-sports hall, a life aesthetics museum, a gym and a bookstore.


Fanhuali business district [Photo provided to WeChat account of Fanhuali]

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