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Brief Introduction of Huayi Jiahe School

Updated: 2019-09-26

Located in Baiyun district of Guiyang city, Huayi Jiahe School is a full-time private boarding school organized by No 1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University, a national key middle school. In January 2018, the Baiyun District People's Government, Guiyang Baiyun Gongtoujiacheng Education Management CoLtdand No 1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University signed an agreement to run this school. 

Huayi Jiahe School is located at the junction of Kewen Road, Gaohai Road and Gaona Road, and is adjacent to Guizhou Science City in the Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. 

Built according to the standards of Class I model schools in Southwest China, it has first-class education and teaching facilities and ample space for students to take part in educational experiences and displays:"The school shall reflect the Chinese style and Guizhou elements, and shall be built near mountains and by rivers to improve learning environment; it shall be a forest campus, a humanities campus, and a smart campus." 

The school covers an area of 678 mu, with a total floor  area of 180,000 square meters and an investment budget of 1.5 billion yuan. In September 2019, it will recruit students in Guizhou province. According to the plan, it will have 42 junior-middle classes, 48 senior-middle classes and 18 special classes, accommodating 4,500 students.

The senior teachers from No 1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University and the management team and backbone teachers led by International Olympiad gold medal coaches will take charge of education, teaching and daily management of the school. 

The school will continue to attract outstanding teachers from all over the country. No1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University ranks first in the country in many fields such as International Olympiadcompetitions of different subjects, quality education, sports and art. 

By making full use of the advanced philosophy, the rich experience, scientific management methods and high-quality education and teaching resources of No 1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University, combining company management and operation methods, and giving full play to the resources of Baiyun District and Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, amodel private school with advanced educational concepts, distinctive characteristics and excellent educational quality has been built. It will become an important base for educational reform, innovation and experiments for No 1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University. 

Huayi Jiahe School will follow the philosophy of "integration of knowing and doing, harmony and cooperation", adhere to the motto of "virtue, erudition, diligence and self-cultivation" and implement the spirit of "self-improvement and pursuit of excellence". It will insist on wisdom education, pay equal attention to physical and mental health and focus on cultivating innovative talents with both virtue and key abilities. The school will strive to excel in sports, art school and International Olympiad competitions and to become aschool with high quality, distinctive characteristics and innovative and international qualities. 


Huayi Jiahe School [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn] 

Address: Next to Guizhou Science City, No 1 Gaohai Road, Baiyun District, Guiyang City 

Phone: 0851-86750555/18286008778/18798728778

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