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Modern Logistics Park of Shuicheng Economic Development Zone

Updated: 2019-10-08

Project Name: Modern Logistics Park of Shuicheng Economic Development Zone

Project Overview: A logistics park with a 900-mu planned area, a concentrated warehousing zone, a combined transport zone, a road transport zone, a comprehensive service zone, and a supportive zone

Total Investment:489 million yuan

Project Operation Model: sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperation

Preferential Policy: Eligible for incentives in western development policies and real economy development policies in Shuicheng county

Project Strength:

The project is located in the Guizhou Shuicheng Economic Development Zone, which has strong geographic advantages supported by a comprehensive transport network consisting of the Yuezhao Airport, Liu-Liu Highway, Hang-Rui Highway, and Liu-An Intercity Express Railway. The park has completed infrastructure investment of 6.83 billion yuan. Its core area has realized "seven accesses and site leveling", and established a complete transport system of "railway, highway and airport", laying a solid foundation for constructing a modern logistics park in the southwestern region.

The strategic positioning of Guizhou province as an industrial power drives the robust growth of logistics demands from industrial sectors. In 2017, Shuicheng realized total output of industries above designated sizes at 44.722 billion yuan, up by 27.24percent year-on-year. With fast industry-led economic development, it is expected that logistics demands from industries will increase. In addition, e-commerce business has further driven market demands for local agricultural product transport. Shuicheng, with eight categories of agricultural business, has urgent logistic needs for greater economic results.

For the purpose of prediction, the freight statistics of only Liupanshui city are used. In 2017, the city had a total freight of 150 million tons. If the logistics park project could handle 1% of the city’s overall freight, the total cargo loaded and unloaded would be 1.5 million tons. The initial target markets of the project include local ones, mostly in Shuicheng, its adjacent areas, and downtown Liupanshui. In the short term, the project targets being a delivery center for these markets. In the medium term, the target markets are those in the Bijie-Shuicheng-Xingyi Economic Belt and Central Guizhou Economic Cycle. At that stage the project will be a strategic logistics center in southwestern Guizhou. In the longer term, the project will be positioned to penetrate Southwest China markets, and become a regional hub of logistics in 8 to 10 years. 

Project Authority and Contact Information:

Project Authority: Shuicheng County Bureau of Industry and Information Technology

Contact Person: Ms Ran Qian

Tel: 13158185110 or 0858-8933022

Email: 81456098@qq.com

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