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Changpoling Forest Park

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Picturesque scenery of Changpoling Forest Park in Baiyun district

In 2001, the park obtained approval from the State Forestry Bureau. It enjoys an excellent geographical location and climatic conditions; it is 15 kilometers from the city center, and its mild climate features neither chilly winters nor hot summers.

The park covers an area of 1,075 hectares and includes various types of vegetation, such as coniferous forest, broad-leaved forest, broadleaf-conifer mixed forest and coniferous mixed forest. In addition, 546 plant species have taken up residence in this forest park, including 113 species of pharmaceutical plant and 95 species of ornamental plant. The park also encompasses a spectacular tract of natural forest grassland, of the best quality in Southwest China. The forest coverage rate here reaches 82.96 percent. In addition to its fresh air, the park is held up as one of Guiyang's "natural oxygen bars".

Meanwhile, the park is home to 59 species of wild animal. It therefore has won for itself a good reputation as an "eco-museum".

The forest park integrates the natural beauties of mountain, forest, water and grass together. Ancient relics within the dense forest also add exuberance to the scenery. A unique combination of natural and cultural landscape is endowed with a tranquil, poetic, elegant and wild style, which is an ideal place for leisure, education, and sports.

Opening times: 9:30-17:00 from Monday to Sunday

Tickets: 5 yuan ($0.7) per person

Address: Changpoling Forest Park, Yanshanhong town, Baiyun district, Guiyang

Hotline: 0851-4690208, 84418171

Traffic: Take bus No 231, 232, 233 or 235 to Babaao station, or bus No 256 to No 1 station of Junfacheng

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