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Investment Environment in Baiyun district

Updated: 2020-07-24

Baiyun district is the center of Guiyang city and Guizhou province. It is one of six central districts in Guiyang. It covers a total area of 272 square kilometers, administers two counties, three towns and six communities, and has a total population of 300,000. As a transport hub in northern Guiyang, it is a key area of urban integration in the city. The district also enjoys abundant ecological resources, including "one river, three mountains and seven lakes", as well as a forest coverage rate of 43.6 percent. 

As an economically leading district in Guizhou, Baiyunis an industrial center and highland in the city and the province. Two national platforms of the Guiyang National High-tech Zone and the Guiyang Comprehensive Bonded Area have been acting as bridgeheads to further regional economic cooperation and new engines to drive economic growth. Currently, a project on the High-tech Baiyun Engine Industrial Park (also known as Guizhou Military-Civilian Integration Innovation Development Demonstration Base) has been initiated. Upon completion, the park is expected to realize sales revenue of 50 billion yuan and become an influential industrial cluster of engine manufacturing in China. Baiyun Economic Development Zone, one of the earliest established development zones in the province, has created platforms including a big health town, a future education town, a medical food park, an e-commerce park, an e-content park, and anelectronic information park. It has attracted a group of well-known companies such as Conba Group, Master Kong, Pepsi, Wahaha, and Yanjing Brewery. The district has upgraded its industrial structure to one focused on medical foods, equipment manufacturing, aluminum deep-processing and big data from the previous "aluminum-dominated structure". 

In 2019, Baiyun recorded a GDP of around 25 billion yuan, up by 9 percent year-on-year; fixed asset investment of 19.3 billion yuan, up by 15 percent year-on-year; general public budget revenue at 1.63 billion yuan; foreign import and export at 100 million yuan; total tourism income of 12 billion yuan, up by 31 percent.

This year, under strong leadership by the municipal government, Baiyun has closely followed the "One Goal and Three Constructions", adhered to baselines of development and ecological protection, and implemented three strategic campaigns on poverty reduction, big data, and big ecology. Led by big data, the district has been promoting supply-end structural reform, and seeking precise analysis, allocation, policy-making, and execution on key projects for urban and industrial upgrading. The district's economy has maintained good growth momentum, with steady performances of main economic indicators. It has accelerated industrial upgrading, improved economic development quality and efficiency, enhanced support of economic growth, and ameliorated social undertakings and people's livelihoods. 

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