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Baiyun advances intelligent community development

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2020-12-29


Intelligent vending machines are installed in Quanhu community. [Photo/WeChat account of Baiyun district]

The comprehensive and intelligent construction of Guiyang's Quanhu sub-district, in the capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, has taken place in recent years.

Quanhu is characterized by concentrated housing complexes and many high-end residential areas, and it is using intelligent devices to progress community construction, safety and sharing.

Backed by big data, Quanhu's Nanhu Guandi community has been selected as one of the intelligent demonstration sites and is forging ahead with smart device installation, convenient services and excellent management to create a livable environment.

The community is equipped with technology to monitor high-rise littering, facial recognition entrance devices and intelligent smoke detectors, which provide a safe, comfortable and convenient environment for residents.

Quanhu sub-district has perfected the collection of statistics related to information administration, housing, the population, devices and corporate matters. Its local online platform has completed 43 updating projects and input information on 109,212 people, 31,414 houses and 1,084 buildings.

Also, to ensure safety, 1,354 cameras have been installed within Quanhu's jurisdiction, 404 of which are operated through the sub-district's cloud platform.

The information-sharing system provides community residents with immediate access to online reading, self-service photography, ATMs, KTV activities and drugstores.

Quanhu has also cooperated with iFLYTEK, one of China's big data giants, to build an artificial intelligence platform that residents can access via their mobile phones and tablet computers.

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