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Baiyun announces significant benefits for population

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2022-01-12

The Baiyun district of Guiyang city – capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province – reportedly aims to increase its investment program so as to improve the population's quality of life and standard of living in the next five years, according to plans ratified during the first session of the 12th People's Congress of Baiyun district that concluded on Jan 10.

The planned increase in the investment budget will be undertaken in such fields as employment, education, medical care, culture and social security.


Under the program, the Baiyun district will improve its employment services system and coordinate the employment of key groups such as college graduates, retired soldiers, migrant workers and people in difficulties in urban areas.

By 2025, the number of added employed people in the district is projected to top 55,000, while the registered unemployment rate will be controlled within 5 percent.


Baiyun has committed itself to promoting the development of public welfare and inclusiveness in preschool education, the high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education, the development of high school education with diverse characteristics, as well as the integrated development of vocational education.

Projections are that by 2025, 20 new public kindergartens will have been built in the district.

Medical care

In terms of advancing medical services, Baiyun will move to accelerate the construction of a medical and health industry center and build a high-quality medical treatment, public health and emergency response system.

Plans are that by 2025, the district people's hospital will have attained the level of a third-level general hospital, while Baiyun's maternity and child health care hospital and the district's traditional Chinese medicine hospital will have reached the second-class standard.


In terms of developing multiculturalism, Baiyun district plans to optimize its urban public cultural spaces. It will also steadily promote the construction of cultural centers, art galleries, art training centers and national sports and health promotion centers and increase the construction of a "community book sharing system".

Social security

The Baiyun district will also speed up its construction of a multi-level social security system that covers all its people, integrates urban and rural areas, is fair, unified and sustainable.

It will improve the guaranteed services for elderly care and childcare, increasing the supply of affordable housing and housing for talent. By 2025, it will complete the construction of 4,796 units of affordable rental housing, including 3,900 units of rental housing for talent.


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