Quanhu Scenic Area


Quanhu Scenic Area, in Baiyun district, Guiyang city, is a national 4A scenic spot. Listed as a recreation, tourism, culture and shopping demonstration site, this park covers 1,080 mu (7,200 hectares), and gives people a chance to connect with its lakes, culture and ecological environment.


Penglai Fairyland


Penglai Fairyland is built by the CPC Baiyun District Committee and the District Government based on the agricultural demonstration zone, agricultural tourism attraction, beautiful village and demonstration small town.


Guiyang Swan Lake Scenic Area


Guiyang Swan Lake Scenic Area is a national 2A tourist scenic spot which belongs to the Guiyang Changpoling National Forest Park.


Happy World Theme Park


The Happy World Theme Park is located in Baiyun district, Guiyang city, Guizhou province.


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